Milénico is born on the banks of the Duero River, on the outskirts of San Martín de Rubiales between Roa and Peñafiel, epicenters of the "Ribera del Duero" Designation of Origin (DO), recognized in the EU's Quality Wine Index (QWpsr) as an area privileged by nature for creating wines of great structure, expression and longevity.

Away from the coast, in Spain's interior, lies a large plateau region called La Meseta. It is surrounded by mountain chains that limit the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. At its north end, La Meseta reaches elevations of about 800 meters and has an extreme continental climate, with very cold winters and very hot summers, and little rainfall. The high altitude (the second highest in Europe after Switzerland) reduces the average temperatures, which, together with the daily and seasonal fluctuations from hot to cold, lays the foundation for making wines of high quality.

The Duero River originates in the mountains at the northeastern part of La Meseta and, winding down through the territory, creates a corridor of life ideal for wine grapes. The Ribera del Duero is a strip of land, part of Castilla y León, about 100 km. long and 35 km. at its widest point, which follows the river Duero as it leaves the mountains of Soria and continues on its way through the south of Burgos and the provinces of Segovia and Valladolid.

The Ribera is an area with only four frost-free months and where the temperature difference between daytime (above 30°C in summer) and nighttime (when it can drop to around 10°C, even in summer) forces the plant into a daily rhythm of activity, then rest, that increases the acidity and concentrates the flavors in the grapes. This cycle, coupled with soil composition, lends characteristics to the finished wine that can only be achieved here.

The Tempranillo-Tinta del País variety has managed to adapt to these extreme conditions, which allows for the production of wines with a bluish tinge that lasts over time, with balanced acidity, powerful yet elegant, with a superior structure where sweet tannins take center stage. They are excellent wines to keep on hand, especially when yields are limited by terrain and viticulture.

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