Milénico is borne of lands that were won and lost a thousand years ago, where the Duero River was once a border dividing two worlds. Socastillo is one of the steep slopes where Milénico got its start, and it recalls the former frontier fortress located at its highest point, where today only peaceful panoramas and memories of times long past remain.

The other hillsides on the right bank of the Duero River (most just a scant few hundred meters from the river) have place-names that refer either to the hillsides themselves, such as Solapeña (lone ridge), or name the byways to destinations, like Carraroa (the way to Roa).

They are poor lands for other crops, having been formed mainly by the runoff from the steep slopes bordering the valley of the Duero River, that join the river with the highlands at elevations of between 750 and 800 meters. The land is well-ventilated and gets a lot of sun, both natural factors that provide the optimal conditions for a healthy vine and for the ripening grapes.


More information on the vintages: 2020

Barrel aged / Crianza-grade No ageing
Origin Designation Ribera del Duero
Variety 100% Tempranillo- Tinto Fino (several clons)
Soil 800 - 850 meters / Heterogeneous mix of limestone, sand and clay.

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