MILÉNICO is born on the banks of the Duero River, on the outskirts of San Martín de Rubiales between Roa and Peñafiel, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, a region with over a thousand years of uninterrupted tradition and culture for wine. A harsh climate, with marked daily fluctuations forces the plant into a daily rhythm of activity that gives an unmistakably distinctive character to the wine. Milénico is the fruit of our dedication and enthusiasm for creating exceptional wines. Our ongoing relationship with the land, with the grape and with the wine, and our desire to achieve the best is what provides the energy that inspires us day by day. Milénico is made possible thanks to a privileged location, an extraordinary grape stock, and our quest for perfection, which necessitates the utmost care and attention to detail from vine to bottle to table.

Our objective is to create an exceptional wine that genuinely reflects its privileged origin; where two factors combine that permit us to make great wines. The first is a naturally exceptional environment for grapes and great wine making. The second is our tradition of care and attention to detail that remains ever vigilant to cultivate perfection.

From this combination of factors emerges a collection of unique limited-release wines, unmistakably authentic, and each a faithful reflection of its origins.

The vines grow on steep slopes in a rocky soil composed of lime and sand. They are trellised alongside the Duero River on the south-facing hillsides in rows oriented so as to balance out the sunlight. The vineyards are situated midway between the valley and the highlands, amid a special micro-climate that naturally protects the vines from the spring frosts and which, together with the austere soil, sparks the genesis of wines that are expressive, powerful, long-lived and distinctive.

The natural ventilation of the hillsides, the ample sunlight, and the marked contrast in temperature between the midday heat and the coolness of the night are ideal conditions for the perfect ripening of the Tinta Fino grape, which is a variant of the Tempranillo that is acclimated to the rigors of our land.

Our winemaking philosophy is simple—it is to treat the vines with the utmost respect. We do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers and we work the soil minimally.

We believe that wine is born and made on the vine. The grape is paramount. Only the most perfect, unblemished grapes are used—handpicked outdoors first, and then again, inside the winery, where fermentation is started using natural, native yeasts and where our pact with the grape becomes predicated on non-intervention.

Once in the wine cellar, the grapes are cooled and then we, with much patience, extreme thoroughness, and utmost respect throughout the entire process, imbue the wine with the best the grape can offer, using the least intervention possible in the most natural way—nature's way.

Milénico wines are created to showcase the best of the land where the grapes were grown. Our wines are an honest and realistic reflection of our surroundings and of our desire to transform the fruit of the vine into wine in the most natural way possible.

Our determination to achieve a distinctly unique wine obliges us to provide and care for the vine as an extension of ourselves, and to select only the best grapes for the creation of our wines.

We have grown up right alongside the vine and, with it; we have learned which techniques work well in harmony with nature while at the same time obtaining the best that the plant can offer.

This is how we make our wine to be the most natural possible, and that it exhibit its particular characteristics instilled by soil, terrain and climate.

We want the wine to communicate that credibility which comes from being a natural product, where human intervention is minimized to let the plant develop on its own in optimal conditions, and where choosing the best fruit and managing its transformation is done like the wine making of old—where nature itself changes one natural thing into another—grapes into wine.

Our wines are part of our identity and a reflection of our world and of ourselves—something that is born and grows with us and a gift to the senses of which we are proud.

Our wines are a very limited edition series, each outstanding and unique—receiving their final touch in fine wood barrels after having been shaped by the vine—and culminating in a product distinguished for its complexity and aromatic intensity, powerful yet with great balance, and above all, natural


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